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One Step Stop Solution For Electrical Needs

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K K Electrical Services


# HT Electrical Installation.

# Under Ground Electrical Cable Design and Work execution for Residential,Commercial,Industrial need in area of Gujarat.

# Electrical Contractor

# Electrical Bill duty Exemption.

# Industrial Control panel Design and Manufacturer

# Power Distribution Panels.

We are Available on Mobile: 9173637345 & 8238537087.Also:

Emergency : +91-917-363-7345

                   : +91-823-853-7087


Project works for Electrical installation


WE Are

Well Experiance Electrical Staff for any kind of elctrical works in Residential,Commercial and Industrial projects.


Under Ground Cable network design and approvals in UGVCL,MGVCL,PGVCL,DGVCL with execution of work on site.


Electrical Fault detection and restoration of power supply.


Electrical Energy auditing and reporting in Government of Gujarat departments.

Manufacturer and Supplyer for

Dealing in L& T ,Havell,s,Indo Asial,Crompton,Hager made switchgear and accessories.


Manufacturer and Supplyer of Eletrical Transformers from 100 KVA-4000KVA


Manufacturer and Supplyer of APFC- Automated Power factor Controllers.

Electrical Projects


Project works in trunkey base

11 KV to 220 KV Electrical Substation and Line works.



Our Clients:

1-ONGC ltd.

2-Hub town

3-Turakhia overseas P.Ltd.

4-Jhonson Screen P.Ltd.

5-Ramamulti Pack P.Ltd.

6-Shilp Graviera.

6-Citizen Industries

7-S.Kumar Multipack P.Ltd

8-V-Square Projects

9-Park Avenue

10-Div Pet P.Ltd.

11- Vetical Pharmaceutical.

12-Aqua Scape industries

13-Arihant Ploymers

14-Parishram Infracone

15-Shilp Deveopers

16-Devine Highland,Sola.

17-Sopan Retreat

19-Adani-Shantigram and much more.........